BlackBerry Plans from Bell

In 1991, VIVE Wireless and Bell Mobility joined forces to provide seamless communication solutions to customers across Canada.Since then, it has been our goal to make VIVE Wirelessís Bell BlackBerry plans the number one choice in communications.Thatís why weíre committed to providing the highest quality mobility plans nationwide.

The BlackBerry has become part of corporate culture: We want Vive Wireless' Bell BlackBerry plans to be a staple in the communications industry. Need to check your email every minute or send that last minute report? Our Bell BlackBerry plans offer a wide selection of lightning fast data speed packages so youíre always ahead of the game.

Whatever your needs may be, thereís a Bell BlackBerry plan thatís right for you. Gabbing on the go?Forget about the time and focus on the conversation, weíve got Bell BlackBerry plans with unlimited talking minutes for the social-savvy. Corporate and consumer plans are just another example of how weíre committed to providing you the consumer with the highest quality communication solutions.

Find the bundle thatís right for you. Check out VIVE Wirelessís Bell BlackBerry plans. For more information call us at 1-877-338-6506 or email