International Roaming

Stay connected throughout the world using your BlackBerry® 8830, BlackBerry® StormTM9530 or Samsung ACETMWorld Edition smartphone. Bell has roaming partnerships with trusted carriers that provide you with coverage in over 200 countries, including data coverage in over 150 countries.

See a complete list of coverage, rates, and data service available for the country you will be visiting.

How to make calls

To make a local call or a long distance call within a country, simply dial the area code and phone number. To make international calls, you need to use the international dialling code used in that county, followed by the number you’re calling.

In GSM network areas, you don't have to know the international dialling code. You can replace it with the "+" symbol. To get the "+" symbol, hold the "0" key for a few seconds until the "+" appears on the display.

On CDMA networks, the international dialing codes to call back to Canada are:

U.S., Bermuda, Guam and Caribbean


Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand




Other CDMA countries


Text Messaging

You can send and receive text messages while roaming on CDMA networks in Aruba, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, China, Curacao, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand and St. Maarten with your CDMA mobile phone or smartphone and on all our GSM roaming partner networks with your Bell World Edition smartphone.

When you send a message while roaming internationally, you will be charged $0.60 for each message sent*. Sent messages are pay-per-use and are not included in the Text Messaging bundles. Received text messages are charged the same as if you were in Canada.

Rental solutions

If you are visiting Japan, you can continue to use your Bell phone number, even though the technology in Japan is different from other CDMA networks. Insert the SIM card from your Bell BlackBerry® 8830™, Motorola A840 or Samsung ACE™ into a local W-CDMA (3G) phone and you're in business on the SoftBank Japan network. Find outhow to renta W-CDMA (3G) phone in Japan.

Where to call for assistance

For information on 24/7 client support when traveling abroad, call free of charge:

From a mobile phone
+1 514 420 7748 (In CDMA mode, replace the "+" with the international access code)

From a landline phone
+800-328-2123-3 (where + is the international access code)

IMPORTANT - If your SIM card and/or phone are lost or stolen, you must report this immediately to Bell Client Service to avoid being held responsible for fraudulent charges.

Certain conditions and restrictions apply. The Terms of Use apply to your use of the services and hardware in addition to the standard Bell Mobility Terms of Service. Customers must subscribe to certain Bell Mobility postpaid price plans to be eligible for this service. The customer's price plan and usage features/promotions will not apply while roaming internationally: all calls are charged according to pricing above. Offers, service, features, specifications and pricing subject to change and/or termination without notice. Available compatible devices, within Bell Mobility and its international roaming partners' coverage areas where technology exists. Voice calls only. Based on country location and coverage, certain services and features may not be available. Speeds may vary with your technical configuration, Internet traffic, server, environmental conditions or other factors.

(1) The 1xEVDO network is the fastest high-speed mobile network that is available across all countries within North America.

Roaming services for some listed countries may be unavailable due to fraud or other circumstances. Coverage subject to change without notice. Taxes, including foreign government charges on telecommunications services, are extra. Charges for "premium" calls while roaming (such as vote lines, information and directory enquiry services) are extra.

Roaming usage and long distance, in all 200 countries, are charged per minute and are billed to your Bell Mobility invoice in Canadian funds.

*Premium text message charges are extra.